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Who We Are

  • We are from the communities we serve
  • We care about our clients, and the communities we serve
  • We believe in shared value creation with our clients, and the communities we serve
  • We invest and develop talent from the communities we’re serving
  • We are vested stakeholders in Los Angeles generally, and South LA
Our Why

Our Why

South LA and many similar communities are today caught between a history of poverty and underinvestment in housing stock, and the threat of rapidly rising prices that threatens to change entire neighborhoods in the near future (see Inglewood, West Adams).

This dynamic, and the resulting displacement of the people who have always lived in these neighborhoods is evident in cities all throughout the country. And this creates a unique set of challenges for all stakeholders in communities, but especially for real estate professionals – investors, developers, and brokers.

As Our Agency, we realize that the challenge, and opportunity, is to create value in communities for people who have long called these communities home, and for those looking to make it a home. Our objective is to facilitate growth and economic expansion that is aligned with the community.

We act with intention and are guided by our deep commitment to grassroots community engagement. This will always be our North Star, even as we expand to other markets and cities because this is what we are at Our Agency.

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